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The below list depicts the stamps your bat must have



posted on: April 16, 2014 by: dthompson


SPN Online Rosters

Team leaders please log onto your online rosters and remove any players who are no longer on your team as they may be on a different team this year as they will appear on both rosters and make it difficult for the executive to discern which team they are actually on and cause a player/coach be mistakenly punished for being on more than one roster.



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Forum registration

Due to the large amount of spam on the forum we are now requiring new member to be approved before being allowed to post on the forum.

It may take a couple of days before you are approved.


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Today's Games

Anavets Animal vs Master Batters
@ 6:30 PM - GW Graham #1
Griffin Security vs I'd Hit That Pitch
@ 6:30 PM - GW Graham #2
We've Got The Runs vs The Charros
@ 6:30 PM - Leary #1
Ball Bandits vs Extreme
@ 6:30 PM - Leary #2
Wildcat Grill vs The Crew
@ 6:30 PM - Townsend #1
Beer Bombers vs Raging Homers
@ 6:30 PM - Townsend #2
Hammer Time vs Smack That Pitch Up
@ 7:50 PM - Townsend #1
I.M.W vs Tireland Misfits
@ 7:50 PM - Townsend #2
Ballz Deep vs Dirty Birds
@ 8:00 PM - Leary #1
Loaded Bases vs Echo Room Eh! Team
@ 8:00 PM - Leary #2
Here for Beer vs Bustin Chops
@ 8:00 PM - Townsend #5
Friendly Mike's Beavers vs Bad Decisions
@ 9:10 PM - Townsend #1
Scrubs vs Pylons
@ 9:10 PM - Townsend #2

Recent GameScores

The Crew 9
We've Got The Runs 16
Dirty Birds 8
Friendly Mike's Beavers 15
The Charros 8
Anavets Animal 8
Pylons 7
I.M.W 11
Bustin Chops 3
Ball Bandits 14
Extreme 10
Beer Bombers 20
Master Batters 10
Hammer Time 23
Bad Decisions 9
Wildcat Grill 10
Smack That Pitch Up 5
Ballz Deep 15
Echo Room Eh! Team 10
Scrubs 4
I'd Hit That Pitch 4
Here for Beer 28
Tireland Misfits 6
Griffin Security 11
Raging Homers 10
Loaded Bases 6



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